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A groundbreaking holistic rehabilitation method, that allows practitioners of different disciplines (medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, eye and foot specialists, etc..) to diagnose and treat patients, within a shared protocol and network, collaborating to offer patients a personalised 360 degree rehabilitation treatment.
Within the M.P.R. International network specialists are able to consult and easily treat patients together, using the same protocol, developed to diagnose and treat patients’ postural imbalances, which can lead to a wide spectrum of chronic and acute symptoms.
An interdisciplinary integrative holistic diagnostic and treatment of muscle-skeletal disorders and all the related symptoms. With simple tools and collaborative protocols, rehabilitation specialists worldwide are already working together to achieve effective and long lasting results in their treatments and practice.
Want to learn M.P.R.?
M.P.R. International School offers specialists the tools to identify and correct the imbalances affecting posture and patients' rehabilitation process. The School offers different types of courses to suit different needs and training stages. The courses range from our Intensive 3-Weekend Webinar, open to all health specialists and rehabilitation practitioners, to our offer of Post-Graduate 1-year, 2-year or 3-year Master courses, as well as Mini 1-week Courses targeted on specific rehabilitation topics such as TMJ Disorders, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Homeopathy for Detox and many more.
More and more rehabilitation specialists around the world are searching for therapies that work for their patients. Unfortunately, most postural dysfunctions are not dependant on only one cause, but a series of inter-related cause-effect mechanisms; learning these mechanisms and how to intervene, will unlock the full potential of your treatments.
All courses offered are certified by M.P.R. International School and U.A.I. Universidad Abierta Interamericana
What they say about M.P.R.
  • Dr. Laura Gasparotti - Dentist & Musician
    Joined in 2017

    "The M.P.R. allows me to approach the patient in a comprehensive way: I no longer perform 'just dentistry': I now focus on diagnosis by the M.P.R. philosophy and work on mandibular deprogramming and clinical follow-up of patients.

  • Dr. Liliam Delgado Estrada - Dentist
    Joined in 2006

    "The M.P.R. gave a 180 degree turn to my professional career: it was a before M.P.R., and an after. It taught me to see the patient in three dimensions. I am forever grateful for this encounter with the M.P.R. philosophy, even in the last years of my profession."
  • Dr. Yemmi Peña Ramíre, Dentist
    Joined in 2020

    "My treatments are much more comprehensive since learning to integrate a set of knowledge that helps us treat and see the patient as a whole, managing to establish priorities, reaching a correct diagnosis and correct treatment."
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