It is the first device for ALL rehabilitation therapists, able to counteract the negative effects of the stomatognathic system during rehabilitation.

Postural pathologies have many causes at play that create dysfunctions.
The most frequent cause is the negative interference of an unbalanced occlusion; it is well known that when the masticatory system is not in balance, it loses harmony with the rest of the body, altering its posture.
B.E.D. was born exactly for this purpose. It is an oral appliance for night-time use, designed to eliminate the negative interference of the masticatory system on rehabilitation therapies.
The Body Equilibrium Device allows for readjustment at every phase of therapy, simplifying the process. With a single device it is be possible to finalize treatments in balance, reaching the relaxation required to perform treatments, easily and effectively.

For use by all trained rehabilitation specialists, ideal for craniosacral cervical rehabilitation.
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What they say about B.E.D.
  • Cecilia Fresco, Dentist
    Joined in 2014
    "The fundamental change lies in the integral evaluation of the patient before starting the rehabilitation therapy, to avoid their failure or their interference in the patient's postural balance. - A Patient with migraine, treated by a neurologist, traumatologist, kinesiologist and other dentists, without success - Now she has been using the B.E.D. for 3 months, and often sends me messages of gratitude, her symptoms have disappeared. "
  • Lianet Díaz Salazar, Dentist
    Joined in 2014
    "I have used B.E.D. in the treatment of TMJ dysfunctions, with satisfactory results. The interference of the masticatory system is eliminated, and in a very short time of use it produces a reduction in symptoms. Patients also report improvements in other areas, such as a decrease in episodes of migraine and cervical muscle tightness "
  • Soco Benitez Salazar, Dentist
    Joined in 2014
    "I have had several very positive experiences with B.E.D. But I remember specifically a patient who came with a disabling pain in the right TMJ: during the night she would wake several times with pain and had difficulty chewing, a month after placing the B.E.D. the pain had already subsided and after 3 months she is eating sandwiches again!!! she said they would do a telephone survey on her experience with B.E.D., she would give it a 10 out 10!!!"
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