The course is aimed to: Dentists and Stomatologists, Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths interested in learning how to diagnose and treat TMJ-related postural pathologies and dysfunctions.
This course will prepare practitioners to use a diagnostic and therapeutic holistic protocol, to implement immediately in their everyday practice.
Course Structure
8 Online Lessons
· Craniomandibular Examination
Prof. Dr. Silverio Di Rocca
International Director of M.P.R. International School

- Dip Dent National University of Buenos Aires (1974)
- Dip Dent University Turin Italy. (1990)
- Doctor in Dentistry and Prosthesis University of Turin( 1991)(Thesis in Orthodontic)
- Dentofacial Orthopedic Specialist (Buenos Aires) (1982)
- Treating TMD and postural diseases for 35 years

- Ex-Associate Professor in Orthodontics Department, School of Specialisation, Palermo University Italy.
- Lecturer in the Master of Orthodontic University of Chieti Italy.
- Lecturer in the Master of Orthodontic University of Sevilla
- Director of Posturology Master in Orthodontics and Neuro oclusal Rehabilitation University Alfonso X Madrid Spain.
-Professor in the Master of Cranio facial orthopaedics of COMEI ( Colegio Mexicano de Estomatologia institucional)
-International member of AMOCOAC ( Asociaciòn Mexicana de Ortopedia Craniofacial)

-Foundation member of Ibero American Orthodontic Society (1978)
-President of the Ibero American Orthodontic Society (1995-1997)
-Fellow of the Word Federation of Orthodonctic.
-International member of AMOCOAC.

Learn how to analyse the Jaw's position, in relation to the craniofacial system, and the rest of the body.
· Postural Diagnosis
Basics of posturology and postural receptors, in relation to the jaw and the craniofacial system.
· Posturometry Diagnosis
Learn how and why it is important to measure posture.
· Neuromuscular Diagnosis
Muscle chain dysfunctions and alterations in relation to TMJ disorders.
· Clinical Tests
How to quickly and simply diagnose postural imbalances and dysfunctions.
· Exercises
Simple exercises to rebalance the jaw and the craniofacial system with the rest of the body.
· Mandibular Manipulations
Osteopathy based manipulations for the rebalancing of the jaw.
· Body Equilibrium Device (B.E.D.)
Lear how to use the TMJ's best ally to regain balance and stability.
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What they say about M.P.R.
  • Dr. Laura Gasparotti - Dentist & Musician
    M.P.R. Practitioner
    Since 2017

    "The M.P.R. allows me to approach the patient in a comprehensive way: I no longer perform 'just dentistry': I now focus on diagnosis by the M.P.R. philosophy and work on mandibular deprogramming and clinical follow-up of patients.

  • Dr. Liliam Delgado Estrada - Dentist
    M.P.R. Practitioner
    Since 2006

    "The M.P.R. gave a 180 degree turn to my professional career: it was a before M.P.R., and an after. It taught me to see the patient in three dimensions. I am forever grateful for this encounter with the M.P.R. philosophy, even in the last years of my profession."
  • Dr. Yemmi Peña Ramíre, Dentist
    M.P.R. Practitioner
    Since 2020

    "My treatments are much more comprehensive since learning to integrate a set of knowledge that helps us treat and see the patient as a whole, managing to establish priorities, reaching a correct diagnosis and correct treatment."
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