Course Aim
The course is directed to Dentists and stomatologists who wish to learn the holistic M.P.R. Method of Functional Orthopaedics and Orthodontics.
The course aims to train Dentists in the practice of functional cranio-facial orthopedic and orthodontics rehabilitation with the M.P.R.
At the end of the course, the graduate will be able to apply all postural myofunctional orthopedic and orthodontic concepts to their practice.
The concept orthopedics and functional orthodontics that is commonly talked about in the field of dentistry, is very limited. Rarely is the complexity of the masticatory system taken fully into consideration, even more rarely is its relation with the rest of the body discussed. M.P.R. goes far beyond classic orthopedics and orthodontics taking into consideration the cranio-cervical postural system, emphasising the relation between the masticatory system and the rest of the body. This course will give specialists the tools necessary to diagnose and treat patients looking beyond just the maxillaries, taking into account the entire cranio-cervical system, and its role on postural wellbeing.
Course Duration:
6 semesters - 14hrs/month
weekly 3-hr evening - Theory Classes
weekend 8-hr all day - Guided Practical
The Course
This Master Degree Course takes place in the M.P.R. International School's online virtual classroom, where students are able to follow, ask questions and interact with professors during the LIVE ONLINE CLASSES. Students can follow the lessons anywhere from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, attendance is mandatory.

The course takes place over 6 semesters, with 2 x 2hr online meetings during each week, plus a full 8hr on weekends, for a total of 12hrs per week. After each class, students are provided access to the recordings of the classes as well as study and review materials in .pdf for consultation. Each month students are tested on the previous topics to track individual advancement. Students are encouraged to present and discuss clinical cases throughout the course, and receive special personalised guidance and supervision.

Course Structure
The course is fully online, and will allow you to achieve your Master degree studying from home and following the online interactive live classes. This Master's course is structured in 2 parts: Theory (4 semesters) and Practice (2 semesters). After completing both parts of the training there will be a case study thesis presentation and examination to achieve the Diploma.
2 x 2hr Theory Classes
1 x 8-hr Practical Class
x 36 months
· Introduction to M.P.R.
- M.P.R. Diagnosis
a) Postural
Oculo-motor system
Foot support
· Introduction to Postural Craniofacial Orthopedics.
· How to interact with specialists of different health sciences disciplines
· Growth Determining Factors
· Craniofacial and postural clinical cephalometry
· Study of static models
· Study of models in articulator
· Therapeutic postural mandibular position change, (essential maneuver in craniofacial orthopedics) postural technique
· TMJ in Postural Craniofacial Orthopaedics
· Design and construction of M.P.R. devices
· Device Activation
· Functional Biomechanical M.P.R. orthodontics
b) Stomatognathic
How it affects posture and viceversa
c) Biochemical
How Biochemical imbalance affects posture and rehabilitation
d) Posturometric and Stabilometric
Measuring Postural Pathology
Diagnosis, treatment planning and evolution
- Correlation between stomatognathic system and posture
- M.P.R. Interdisciplinary Protocol
· Growth Mechanisms
- Craniofacial growth centers
- Upper maxillary growth
- Lower maxillary growth
- Growth of the middle third of the face

- Local Factors
- Changes in the chondrocranial ossification
- Changes in the democranial ossification

· Etiology of abnormalities
- Hereditary Anomalies
- Acquired Anomalies

· Diagnosis and Therapeutic Planning
- Global Diagnosis
a) Correlation between postural alterations and craniofacial development
b) Interrelation between the oculomotor system and the stomatognathic system
c) Interrelation between foot support and the stomatognathic system
d) Influence of biochemistry on growth
- Craniofacial Diagnosis
a) Face and skull exploration
b) Soft tissues analysis
Lip frenulum
Mucous membrane
c) Functional Analysis
Stomatognathic analysis in occlusion and at rest
Tongue Position
Negative habits
Neuromuscular Analysis
Postural habits
· Clinical Posturometry and postural craniofacial Orthopaedics
- Diagnosis
- Therapy

· X-ray Analysis
- Lateral teleradiography
- Anteroposterior teleradiography
- Panoramic oral x-ray
- Planning
- Brackets
- Arches
- Ligatures
- Cement
- Microplanes in Orthodontics
- Activation in typodont and patients
· Functional osteopathic maneuvers to aid orthopedic therapy
· Myofunctional therapy
· Postural ergonomics
· Proprioceptive exercises
· Craniofacial therapy associated with craniofacial orthopedics
· Clinical and posturometric analysis
· Occlusal analysis
· Associated biochemical therapy for orthopedics
· M.P.R. needle-free mesotherapy
· Dental laboratory notions for M.P.R.
- Functional Postural Regulator History and Construction
- Dental Laboratory communication
- Plaster models and the articulator
- Design and pre-activation Interpretation
- Static and dynamic waxing
- M.P.R. Regulator Construction
a) The resin body (characteristics of the resins)
b) Wire elements (characteristics of the various types of wires)
c) Assembly: arch, lip bumper, central spring
d) Regulator cut and polish

Attendance requirements: 90% Theory Courses
100% Practical Courses
Prof. Dr. Silverio Di Rocca
International Director of M.P.R. International School

- Dip Dent National University of Buenos Aires (1974)
- Dip Dent University Turin Italy. (1990)
- Doctor in Dentistry and Prosthesis University of Turin( 1991)(Thesis in Orthodontic)
- Dentofacial Orthopedic Specialist (Buenos Aires) (1982)
- Treating TMD and postural diseases for 35 years

- Ex-Associate Professor in Orthodontics Department, School of Specialisation, Palermo University Italy.
- Lecturer in the Master of Orthodontic University of Chieti Italy.
- Lecturer in the Master of Orthodontic University of Sevilla
- Director of Posturology Master in Orthodontics and Neuro oclusal Rehabilitation University Alfonso X Madrid Spain.
-Professor in the Master of Cranio facial orthopaedics of COMEI ( Colegio Mexicano de Estomatologia institucional)
-International member of AMOCOAC ( Asociaciòn Mexicana de Ortopedia Craniofacial)

-Foundation member of Ibero American Orthodontic Society (1978)
-President of the Ibero American Orthodontic Society (1995-1997)
-Fellow of the Word Federation of Orthodonctic.
-International member of AMOCOAC.

Prof. Olando Olivi
Master orthodontic lab technician of M.P.R. International School
Chiaravalle, Ancona (Italy)

- Diploma, Istituto Benelli, Pesaro (1979)
- Admitted to Orthec, presented to the National Congress a research on Balters' Bionator, (later published in the Dental press magazine - Ed. Masson 1988)
- Collaborates with Prof. Stockfisch (Stuttgart), with whom he holds several conferences around Italy, and publish a series of articles (1988-2003)
- Executive for Kinetor System, in Italy, (1988-2003)
- Speaker at the 1st European Seminar of Functional Orthodontics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome together with Prof. Bimler, Levrini, Farcinick and Stockfisch (1991)
- Presents a comparative work between the various functional devices at the European Congress Ortec in Paris, France (1992).
- Co-authors Manual of Orthodontic Technique (Ed. Martina) (1993)
- International Gold Pinza Competition winner, organized by Ortec, presenting a study on the evolution of the Bimler device (1994)
- Develops the new Ape device (patented in 2004)
- Master orthodontic technician, international professor at M.P.R. International School.
- Founding member and in the Apiswiss board of directors
- Honorary member of the AMOCOAC Mexican association of craniofacial orthopedics.

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What they say about M.P.R.
  • Dr. Laura Gasparotti - Dentist & Musician
    M.P.R. Practitioner
    Since 2017

    "The M.P.R. allows me to approach the patient in a comprehensive way: I no longer perform 'just dentistry': I now focus on diagnosis by the M.P.R. philosophy and work on mandibular deprogramming and clinical follow-up of patients.

  • Dr. Liliam Delgado Estrada - Dentist
    M.P.R. Practitioner
    Since 2006

    "The M.P.R. gave a 180 degree turn to my professional career: it was a before M.P.R., and an after. It taught me to see the patient in three dimensions. I am forever grateful for this encounter with the M.P.R. philosophy, even in the last years of my profession."
  • Dr. Yemmi Peña Ramíre, Dentist
    M.P.R. Practitioner
    Since 2020

    "My treatments are much more comprehensive since learning to integrate a set of knowledge that helps us treat and see the patient as a whole, managing to establish priorities, reaching a correct diagnosis and correct treatment."
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